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Express, Commemorate, Experience - Art in stone.


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Your backyard.

Your streetscape.

Your corporate identity.

Your tribute to a unique person.

Beautifully crafted in sustainable, majestic stone.


If you can imagine it, we can create it.

Our patented process can render any design in vibrant, colorful and sustainable stone.

From small plaques .. to streetscapes .. to immersive labyrinths, our design and manufacturing process can match your vision.


Experience the power, beauty and timelessness of art in stone.

Your vision, brought to life in vivid color, crafted to last a lifetime, and packaged for easy installation by homeowners, fundraising volunteers, or design professionals.

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PAVERART beautifies the world — homes, communities, cities, corporations, higher education campuses, athletic stadiums

Beauty That Lasts a Lifetime


Beautiful and makes a big Impression



Your Design, Your Brand — any color, shape, texture


Flexible, low maintenance



Stronger than concrete. Heat and thaw tolerable. Conserves water.


Annualized cost equivalent to small bag of soil and grass seed!

I'm ready to get started!


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Corporate Pavers by PAVERART Express Your Corporate Identity

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Personalize Your Residential Project with PAVERART

Pavers Provide You With Better Options Pavers offer a number of significant advantages over concrete, gravel and other hardscape surfacing options. They look more attractive and are easier to maintain. If one section of the hardscape area gets damaged, you only need...