PAVERART is an innovative design and manufacturing firm which specializes in the creation of artwork in a field of interlocking pavers. Through the use of its patented fabrication process, PAVERART can produce lasting images of exceptional quality and detail in a paver project. Specially-produced, pigment-colored concrete pavers are cut with pinpoint accuracy to construct vibrant and dazzling designs. Our designs are not painted, stained or stamped!

Where can PAVERART be used?

PAVERART is ideal for residential, commercial, municipal and institutional projects. Whether it’s a small walkway at your home or a large commercial project which spans thousands of square feet, PAVERART can add that unique, artistic touch that will last for decades.

How can PAVERART beautify my home?

PAVERART has designed kits and accent options which can be used to beautify your home paver project. Our wide selection of designs and sizes allows you to choose an appropriate image for your patio, walk, pool deck or driveway. We also provide custom design services to translate your unique idea into a paver reality. Don’t start that home paver project until you browse our catalog of kit and accent options and custom designs.

What is a PAVERART kit?

PAVERART kits are designed for the home paver project. A PAVERART kit includes artwork cut into colored pavers surrounded by a precut border of pavers. Kits come in a variety of shapes and sizes including circular, square, rectangular and oval. We also offer 12” by 12” accent and border designs and special inlaid pavers for that unique finishing touch. Our popular circular kits start at four (4) feet in diameter and can be manufactured at any size. All kits come preassembled and packaged in our innovative “pallet and collar” design and include installation and maintenance instructions.

How can I purchase a PAVERART kit for my home?

Contact our office at 856.783.7000 or email us at mail@paverartllc.com and we will assist you.

How do I install a PAVERART kit?

PAVERART kits and accents come preassembled and ready to install. Each design includes step-by-step instructions on the proper installation and maintenance techniques. Although we recommend an ICPI certified hardscraper install our PAVERART products, an experienced “do-it-yourselfer” should be able to complete a successful installation.

Is PAVERART applicable for large paver projects?

Yes, PAVERART is ideal for large commercial, municipal, high-end residential or institutional projects. We will collaborate with architects and designers to translate their ideas and concepts into a spectacular custom paver project. Fill out and send us a Project Information Form or call us at 856.783.7000 to discover how PAVERART can help you produce an award-winning design.

What is the material used for the logos?

The logos are manufactured with high quality, durable concrete pavers.  All of the concrete pavers used meet or exceed the standards established by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) based upon the requirements of ASTM-936.  The concrete pavers used are 2-3/8 inches thick.

How is the logo packaged?

The logo is pre-assembled on a 4 feet x 4 feet pallet and securely packaged for shipment by motor freight (common-carrier, tractor-trailer van).  A typical packaged logo will weigh 430 – 520 pounds.  Each design comes with installation and maintenance instructions.

How is my logo installed?

We recommend that your logo be installed by an experienced hardscaper/contractor who is ICPI certified.  If you wish to install it yourself, the instructions included with your design include all of the necessary steps for an easy and proper installation.

Can I tamp the design when it is installed?

We strongly recommend that you do not tamp over the design after it has been installed.  The instructions call for you to install the entire project field first including the area where your logo will be placed.  Tamp the entire area with a plate compactor including the area where your logo will be installed.  DO NOT SPREAD JOINT SAND ON THE FIELD AT THIS TIME – THIS STEP WILL BE PERFORMED AFTER YOUR LOGO HAS BEEN INSTALLED.  Remove the pavers from the area where you want to install the logo.  You can then install the logo.  Follow the directions for the balance of the installation procedure.

Where can I install the logo?

The logo can be installed anywhere on a residential property where concrete pavers have been installed – backyard patio, pool deck, walkway/sidewalk or driveway.  We will refer you to the manufacturer for additional technical information if you wish to install your logo in a medium other than concrete pavers (poured concrete slab or blacktop).  It can also be installed in any commercial, institutional (school) or municipal project as long as the area of installation will not encounter heavy vehicular activity.  We will contact the manufacturer for additional information if heavy vehicular activity is part of the project.

Will the color of my logo fade over time?

The pigmentation of the pavers used for your logo is introduced into the paver during the manufacturing process.  The color in each paver is “locked” into the top ¼ – ½ inch of the paver surface to insure that the color will never wear away during the life of your design.  This is referred to as the “face mix” surface of the paver and it consists primarily of cement and color pigment.  There are no unsightly pieces of medium or large size aggregate to blemish or mar the surface of your logo.  Due to the amount of pigment that can be introduced into the “face mix” surface of the paver, your logo will stay brightly colored for a long period of time.  It’s hard to determine the long-term effects of UV rays from the sun on the fading or mellowing of the colors in your logo, but it is safe to say that the maximum effect will be nothing more than to mellow the color by a maybe a shade after several years.  In the unlikely case that this was to occur, you can revive the color by using a properly recommended sealer available in your area.  A reputable paver dealer or contractor can help you with the proper choice of sealer to use.

Will my logo be affected by efflorescence?

Since your logo is made entirely from concrete pavers, it is possible that efflorescence will occur on the surface.  Efflorescence is the whitish deposit sometimes found on the surface of concrete pavers and it is caused by salts in the materials used in production migrating to the surface of the pavers.  This is not a defect nor is it harmful in anyway to the pavers.  It will usually wear away on its own in time.  However, if you don’t wish to wait for it to wear away, there are efflorescence cleaners that can be used to remove it.  You can ask your local paver dealer or contractor for a recommendation on what efflorescence cleaner to use.

What can I do if one or more of the pieces of my logo are broken or damaged?

The process used to manufacture your logo incorporates computers during the design and fabrication phases of production.  Therefore, each piece of each logo design is stored in a file on our computers for easy retrieval and replication.  You tell us which piece needs to be replaced and we can duplicate the color and dimensions of that piece exactly.

Can I get the logo in a larger or smaller size than the standard size provided?

Yes. Any of the logo designs can be made larger.  Due to minimum size requirements for the pieces that make up the design, we can’t make them any smaller without risking a problem with cracking or breaking.

How will the logo be delivered to my house?

Due to the size and weight of the logo kit, it can only be delivered by common carrier (tractor-trailer van).  If you do not have the capability of off-loading the kit yourself, we can contract with the motor freight company to have the pallet delivered by motor freight with residential access and a lift-gate (used to lower the pallet from the rear of the truck to the ground).  There is an extra charge for this accommodation.  In some cases, you may want to have your contractor available to off-load your pallet to help reduce your freight charge.

Can I seal my logo?

Yes you can, but it is not required.  Sealing will help your pavers resist staining, enhance the color and bind the sand in the joints to make it difficult for weeds to germinate.  Sealing your logo can change the colors to a darker shade.  Also, there is special sand that is available that will bind after being watered so a sealer does not have to be used.  That only leaves stain resistance as the main reason for sealing your logo.  Your hardscaper/contractor will most likely tell you to wait to seal your logo until all evidence of potential efflorescence has come to the surface of the paver.  This might take a few months.  Once the efflorescence has been cleaned from the surface, your logo can be sealed.  It is important to point out, however, that you never have to seal your logo unless you feel it is necessary.

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