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PAVERART Vision and Foundation

PAVERART was founded on one concrete idea – to expand the design options for concrete and brick pavers and to manufacture those designs in a cost effective, economically accessible way for homeowners, municipalities, schools, commercial accounts, institutions and landscape design professionals.

Our co-founder, John (Mick) Seroka, who had 20 years experience in paver project design and installation, found that his customers were always inquiring as to how to make their projects distinctive and unique. Mick found that his (and his customer’s) artistic options were limited to the number of paver shapes and colors offered and also limited to what he could create manually in the field using a diamond blade saw.

Our Patented Process

In response to customer demands and the limited artistic options available, Mick developed a process which combined abrasive water jet technology with computerized design software to create artwork within a field of interlocking concrete pavers. The designs are not painted or etched, but rather, pigmented pavers are cut through their entirety and pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle to create the artwork desired. The process was patented in 2001 and allows for virtually any design, no matter the size or complexity, to be translated into a concrete or brick paver project. This revolutionary process presents endless possibilities in paving design for all of the markets previously mentioned.

Our Company

PAVERART’s goal was to become the premier provider of paver artwork in the country based on its patented process, design capabilities, quality fabrication and customer service.

PAVERART today is an innovative design and manufacturing firm that specializes in the creation and manufacturing of artwork for the interlocking paver medium. We offer expanded hardscape design options to consumers and project designers who wish to beautify and distinguish their paver projects. PAVERART continues to innovate its patented process whereby intricate and durable designs could be manufactured for easy installation into a field of pavers.


To achieve its vibrant and durable images, PAVERART uses only high-quality, clay and concrete colored pavers which are manufactured using a pigmentation process. No paints or stains are used to create our artwork. Our designs, large and small, have been installed throughout the United States – from the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas to the Camden Aquarium in New Jersey to private homes in Florida. For our residential customers, we offer a catalog of PAVERART kit and accent options and custom design services which range from black silhouettes to heavily embellished multi-color designs. For commercial, municipal and institutional projects, we offer a custom design solution that will translate your concept onto a paver canvas.


Mike Bull

Managing Partner

Brian McNulty

Plant Manager

Ryan Michael David

Manager - Engraved Paver Department

Our Journey



PAVERART expands Engraved Paver operations, acquires Pristine Products and Specialty Engraving.

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PAVERART undergoes major expansion of its Engraved Paver Department in regards to both epoxy-fill technology and enamel-coated technology. This is expedited through the purchase of Pristine Products and Specialty Engraving of Wisconsin.

Business Growth



PAVERART commissioned by Philadelphia Eagles.

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PAVERART is commissioned by the Philadelphia Eagles to manufacture 4 pieces including their Eagle’s Head logo for Lincoln Financial Field.

Commissioned by Philadelphia Eagles

PaverArt Philadelphia Eagles



PAVERART introduces Exemplar Labyrinth series.

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PAVERART introduces EXEMPLAR LABYRINTH SERIES – the only “large stone” labyrinth style currently available.

Exemplar Labyrinth Series

PaverArt Exemplar Labyrinth



PAVERART introduces the decorative border concept — utilizing concrete pavers to create elaborate designs for residential and commercial paver projects.



PAVERART introduces EngraveGlo.

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PAVERART introduces its ENGRAVEGLO line of engraved pavers – epoxy-fill technology with “glow-in-the-dark” inscriptions and designs


PaverArt EngraveGlo



PAVERART introduces it’s “Glow-In-The-Dark” series of designs – the only company with this capability in North America to create paver designs with “glow” accents



PAVERART Fire Pit Ring designs

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PAVERART introduces the world premier of its Fire Pit Ring designs.

PAVERART Fire Pit Rings




PAVERART relocates to Lindenwold, New Jersey.

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PAVERART moves to its new location in Lindenwold, New Jersey
Larger facility capable of handling more than one sizable project at one time.

Lindenwold, New Jersey Facility

PaverArt Lindenwold New Jersey



PAVERART receives first order for a NASCAR Speedway Logo.


PAVERART receives first project for an NFL Stadium – Carolina Panthers Logo.

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PAVERART receives additional order for 4 more logos from the Carolina Panthers in July 2014.

Carolina Panthers




PAVERART builds first labyrinth.

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PAVERART builds its first labyrinth, for Planetree Hospital in Williamsburg, Virginia. This first-of-a-kind design is 32.5 feet diameter with custom logo in center.

Planetree Hospital Labyrinth

PaverArt Madonna-Labyrinth


PAVERART wins Tiger Walk — our first major project from a college or university.

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PAVERART selected for the “Mike the Tiger” project at Louisiana State University. This 12 feet diameter design with “Mike the Tiger” logo was PAVERART’s first major project for a college or university.

Louisiana State Tiger Walk




PAVERART adds Engraved Pavers to the PAVERART product line.


PAVERART exhibits at the World of Concrete Trade Show – the largest representation of the concrete industry in the world – Las Vegas, Nevada.



PAVERART first Fire Department Maltese Cross.

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PAVERART receives first order for an 8′ diameter Fire Department Maltese Cross from the Mahwah Fire Department, Fardale, New Jersey.

Mahwah Fire Department Maltese Cross



PAVERART introduces Elements Collection.

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Introduction of Elements Collection designs adding to our available kit design database

Elements Patio

PaverArt Elements Patio



First PAVERART website launched.


PAVERART selected to manufacture Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Logo for the Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada – first major corporate logo to be manufactured


PAVERART selected to manufacture Wildwood, NJ Streetscape.

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Wildwood NJ Streetscape Project Details:

  • First order – City of Wildwood, New Jersey through Tough Turf (hardscape installation contractor)
  • Individual designs for 4 Intersections and 4 crosswalks – never been done before using concrete pavers
  • First evidence of non-continuous pattern design
  • Over 13,000 square feet of design-area

Wildwood, New Jersey Streetscape

PaverArt Wildwood-NJ-Streetscape


PAVERART becomes a business – PAVERART LLC opens office/manufacturing facility in Pureland Industrial Park, Swedesboro, New Jersey.



Ken and Mick invite Mike Bull to oversee sales and marketing of PAVERART.


Ken Bull is introduced to Mick Seroka — marking the beginning of the PAVERART partnership.

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