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Labyrinths are for: Meditation, Healing, Calming, Centering and Prayer



Our Mission


To create beautiful, custom labyrinth experience which reduces stress and globally inspires those who seek to open the heart and quiet the mind.


Our Goal


To accommodate all residential, commercial, civic and institutional requests with a seamless design-to-installation experience.


Every Paverart Labyrinth is made-to-order offering a wide variety of diameters, colors, and design elements


Exemplar Series


Paverart proudly announces the introduction of its newest and most exciting labyrinth creation - the Exemplar Series. This revolutionary advancement in Labyrinth technology incorporates the use of large stones and strict adherence to sacred geometry creating the only true Chartres replica.


Exemplar Series Exemplar Series Exemplar Series


Chartres Series


The Chartres Labyrinth has proven the test of time and for that reason we strive to emulate the true sacred geometry of this amazing design. Originally built in 1200 in the Chartres Cathedral floor, this medieval design has become the benchmark style for seekers of the labyrinth experience.


Paverart offers many different design choices to satisfy site limitations or conditions.


Chartres Series Chartres Series Chartres Series
Chartres Series


Harmonia Series


Paverart has developed a line of contemporary hexagonal and circular designs for a unique look and transforming experience. The Harmonia Series makes owning a labyrinth affordable to any organization or individual.


Harmonia Series Harmonia Series


After Dark Series


Would you like to capture the ultimate labyrinth experience? Then take the path into the meditative hours of the night and follow the radiant glow of the new After Dark Series, only from Paverart. Let the "glow-in-the-dark" elements added to the paths of your labyrinth show the way along your pilgrimage.


After Dark Series After Dark Series After Dark Series


Ease of Installation


Paverart's exclusive packaging system eliminates the need for confusing, time-consuming templates or any additional on-site cutting.


A Paverart labyrinth can be installed more quickly and efficiently than any other labyrinth currently on the market.


Easy-to-follow directions accompany each wonderfully unique design


Paverart supports every project with decades of hands-on experience and knowledge.


Custom Labyrinths Custom Labyrinths Custom Labyrinths Custom Labyrinths



A Paverart Labyrinth will be a lasting compliment to any landscape for generations to come



Don Moore



Landscape Architect & Trained Veriditas Facilitator


Paverart has partnered with Don Moore - Landscape Architect and Certified Labyrinth Facilitator (Veriditas) - in order to help those who require assistance with the planning of their entire labyrinth project and would like to learn more about participating in the labyrinth experience.


Click here for more information on how to contact Don.


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