As a city planner, architect or engineer, you are often challenged to bring dimension and excitement to urban renewal and revitalization projects. We understand your needs and we have worked with municipalities to create ground level supergraphics that are durable, affordable and become the centerpiece of a typically ordinary outdoor area. And, we find that time and time again, the addition of striking ground artwork evokes civic pride and adds cohesion to an urban or suburban landscape.

With PAVERART pavers, public areas such as intersections, cross walks, sidewalks, plaza areas, roadways and memorials can become an integral part of the surrounding landscape and perfectly complement public spaces and building facades. PAVERART is the only company of its kind that creates these types of paver graphics in any size and level of complexity. And, our durable materials ensure that landscape architects and municipal planners can create award-winning designs that will stand the test of time.

We have worked with architects, engineers and municipal planners many times, and we understand your needs. So, if the CAD drawing for your next projects specifies pavers, we are here to help in whatever capacity you need. Contact our experts today at 856.783.7000, email or complete a Project Information Form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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