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Our supergraphics transform public spaces to public works of art.

Including PAVERART colored pavers in your next municipal project will transform your project into a one-of-a-kind piece of public art that will be a source of community pride for years to come.

With PAVERART pavers, public areas such as intersections, cross walks, sidewalks, plaza areas, roadways and memorials can become an integral part of the surrounding landscape and perfectly complement public spaces and building facades. A PAVERART design can play a key role in urban renewal and revitalization to transform both urban and suburban areas in ways not previously imagined.

PAVERART is the only company of its kind in the US that creates ground level supergraphics of any size and level of complexity. Landscape architects and municipal planners can now create award-winning designs that will stand the test of time and add dimension and visual interest.

PAVERART supergraphics are shipped directly to your site and can be installed quickly, meaning less downtime for heavy traffic areas.

Your Design Partner

From concept through creation, our experts work closely with landscape architects, municipal planners and local arts councils to ensure that their vision is brought to life in a way that is beautiful and durable. Our experts review each project in detail and, when necessary, suggest ways to enhance specific areas and make them technically more acceptable. For example, intricate sections may have lines or other design elements that are too thin and would crack and break during the life of the project.

We work closely with architects, engineers and landscape architects and we understand your needs. We are here to help in whatever capacity you need regarding any graphic requirements that involve concrete pavers or brick pavers. Contact our experts today at 856.783.7000, email or complete a Project Information Form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Streetscape Supergraphic Projects

Below are samples of several of our one-of-a-kind supergraphic projects:

Wildwood, NJ: Nearly 10 years ago, PAVERART was asked to create a unique, ground level piece of artwork that would tie into the “doo-wop” inspired theme of this well-known New Jersey shore destination. Designed to cover four intersections that lead directly to the beach, the color paver supergraphics were the perfect complement to the town’s architecture. Today, after enduring sand, salt water, wind, ice, snow and humidity – some of mother nature’s most punishing elements – the PAVERART color paver project is still as striking and vibrant as the day it was installed. For many towns like Wildwood, an outdoor supergraphic created by PAVERART is a beautiful complement to a surface level theme and becomes a lasting centerpiece of the town.

Sala Avenue, Westwego, LA: Just outside New Orleans, the town of Westwego is a thriving cultural community that boasts a historical museum, arts center, and performing arts theater among other attractions. At the heart of the community is Sala Avenue, a location for which PAVERART was asked to create a work of art in colored pavers.

Plainfield, IL: This project included the creation of a city skyline along with the town’s name in a specific font for a main intersection in the heart of town.

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