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PAVERART projects add dimension to an area of reverence.

Architects, landscape architects and landscape designers rely on visual elements to create an atmosphere of reverence and appreciation when creating memorial areas meant for quiet reflection or built to honor an individual or group for their important contributions.

Adding a graphic in colored pavers such as a Maltese Cross, armed forces logo or police emblem to a memorial project will have a great impact on visitors and is a unique way to demonstrate regard for those who serve.

Cherry Hill 911 Memorial 

Hospitals, medical campuses and corporations that include paver artwork in public areas to memorialize donors can add another element of recognition with the creation of a Custom Engraving Fundraising Program. This program allows everyone involved in the project and the surrounding community to show their support by purchasing a custom engraved paver. And, engraved paver programs can be structured so that they offset the total cost of the project.

Our staff works closely with architects, engineers and landscape architects. They understand your needs. We are here to help in whatever capacity you need regarding any graphic requirements that involve concrete or brick pavers. Contact our experts today at 856.783.7000, email or complete a Project Information Form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Custom Engraving Fundraising Program

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